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Why Pickleball Sucks? Let Me Tell You Why That’s Baloney

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Like many people, if you think why pickleball sucks or pickleball is the worst game let me clear it up. Many folks out there are not fans of “Pickleball” but that’s normal Because every sports game has haters and fans. I have reasons and I want to share with you my opinion first.

Let’s talk about me, why I am telling you that and not agree with the phrase “Pickleball sucks

I am surprised that it took one year and 8 months over So, there I was, at my regular pickleball open play.

And boy did I bomb, To make it worse, I didn’t even enjoy it.

When I spent time playing pickleball, I spent a whole two hours just losing constantly. Every ball I hit flew too far. I must have looked miserable. All I could think was, “Pickleball is the most ridiculous game ever.”

But it happens when we play a game first time because our dopamine irritates us why are we not playing well? 

As you know it’s normal when we play a game or sport the first days are worst but as we grow, we like the sport. So let’s dive into the concept that Why people say “pickleball sucks

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Does Pickleball have downsides?

Pickleball, like any sport, has its own set of challenges and downsides that might affect players’ and spectators’ experiences. but not really that we can say pickleball is the worst or sucks.

Each of these points reflects a potential challenge or limitation associated with playing or enjoying pickleball.

My question:

if pickleball is the worst why do people announce different versions of pickleball like glow-in-the-dark pickleball etc?

Many people also say that pickleball should be banned, because of its noise but there are many alternatives instead of banning it.

Some Common Challenges Of Pickleball

Noise Level

The loud “pop” sound from the ball and paddle can lead to noise complaints in some areas.

Limited Court Space

Smaller court sizes may feel restrictive compared to larger sports courts like tennis.

Underhand Serve Rule

The requirement for underhand serves can be frustrating for those accustomed to overhand serves in other racket sports.

Double Bounce Rule

Mandatory bounce on each side before volleying can be challenging for players from other racket sports.

Non-Volley Zone (Kitchen) Rules

Restrictions on aggressive net play can limit strategies for players who excel at the net.

Age Stereotypes

Perceived as a sport for older players, which might discourage younger participants.

Complex Scoring System

The scoring can be confusing for beginners, differing from other racket sports.

Physical Intensity

May not provide enough physical challenge for some athletes, being less demanding than other sports.

Equipment Variability

A wide range of paddles and balls can overwhelm new players.

Limited Professional Opportunities

Fewer chances for professional play and global recognition compared to established sports.

Social vs. Competitive Balance

Emphasis on social and friendly play may not appeal to highly competitive players.

Court Availability

Increasing popularity can lead to difficulty in finding available courts.

Learning Curve

Steep for beginners, especially in mastering strategic and skilful play.

18 Reasons That’s Why Pickleball Sucks

1. It’s too loud

Oh, come on! A few little pops from the paddle and ball never hurt anyone. And for most players, it blends right into the background or gets them into the satisfying rhythm of play. Those sounds mean the fun is happening!

2. You don’t like the name?

Get over it! So it’s a funny name – that doesn’t stop it from being an awesome sport. I dare you to play a few games while managing to keep a straight face!

3. The scoring system is confusing

It just takes a little getting used to, then it’s easy. The shorter games keep things moving and make every point crucial – very exciting! A unique system never hurts anything.

4. Too many rule disputes

In my experience, the people making a huge fuss over calls are a very small (and annoying!) minority. Most pickleballers I meet celebrate good shots no matter who makes them. And we laugh off our mistakes over a beer afterwards.

5. It lacks pro opportunities

Maybe currently, but tons of pros are switching over as prize money and tournaments increase exponentially each year! 2024 is pickleball’s breakout year! The athletic challenges here reward dedication.

7. It’s a sport for old people

Clearly whoever says this hasn’t watched high-level tournament pickleball athletes diving and sprinting all over, sustaining crazy long rallies. They’re world-class competitors proving pickleball demands extreme fitness. And more young guns join the ranks every year! Many top competitors switch from tennis.

8. The ball is too light

Lightness is part of achieving those wicked spins and playing fancier control shots not possible with heavier balls. It brings far more variety and dexterity to matches rather than just blistering power strokes. Finesse is fantastic!

9. Paddles have too many options

That array of paddle types and materials means you can find the perfect extension of your arm! Whether you want power, control, pop, or spin, there’s a paddle to take your game higher. More choices make things better!

10. The smaller court limits play

What they call “limited,” I call “intensity”! Having less ground actually keeps you more on your toes with constant movement and split-second manoeuvring. Nonstop action awaits!

11. It’s not enough exercise

I dare Mr. Couch Potato to try returning my wicked drop shot volleys and tell me that! A good pickleball rally will leave even pro athletes drenched in sweat and thoroughly exhausted by the end. Don’t underestimate it!

12. Too hard to find good players as a beginner

That’s why I joined a rec league at my local community center – all skills are welcome! Now I have a pickleball crew for life and we improve together. Plus I’ve met so many cool people in the leagues. It’s a social activity too! Also, many people want to socialize during pickleball because of its amazing social aspects.

13. Beginners get discouraged from the learning curve

Here’s a little secret: the “learning cliff” is very steep but short. This means that after some very humbling early lessons about control and strategy, skills ramp up fast with practice. Then suddenly you’re hooked for life!

14. Too cliquey and unwelcoming

I can’t speak for every community but my local pickleball scene couldn’t be friendlier! We have monthly meetup events just to welcome and mentor newcomers. They love answering questions and getting more people addicted…I mean enjoying this great sport! Come join us!

15. The spins and edges are too complex

That next-level finesse is precisely what keeps me coming back wanting to improve my pickleball strategy! Mastery is impossible…the variety of shots seems endless, which is part of the fun. I learn new tricks every time I take the courts. The nuance gives the sport depth without overly technical barriers.

16. Too similar to tennis

This misconception couldn’t be more backward – the differences in strategies, movements required due to smaller space and ball bounces, paddle skills, etc. make for a unique sport. That’s why I enjoy both tennis and pickleball as complementary but distinct challenges.

17. They say pickleball is boring

Are you kidding me? With fast-paced rallies packing huge power in a small space, pickleball is thrilling both to play and watch! The action gets your heart pumping as you sprint around making quick reflex returns.

18. The rules ruin the game

Wrong! Rules like the double bounce and no-volley zone force more strategy, finesse shots, and longer rallies. They help create the signature pickleball back-and-forth duels.


Now you should understand why pickleball is the worst or why pickleball sucks. What some call “flaws” with pickleball are integral parts of its charm, accessibility and strategic complexity that appeal to more and more players. So don’t listen to those Luddite critics – be brave, grab a paddle and join millions enjoying one of the fastest-growing sports in the world! I guarantee you’ll get hooked and never look back. See you on the pickleball courts!



When not dissecting opponents on the pickleball court with laser focus, Ethan wields words with equal precision. A dedicated competitor and insightful writer, he captures the sport's essence with sharp wit and unwavering dedication.

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