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How to Play Glow In The Dark Pickleball: The Ultimate Guide

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Like many pickleball enthusiasts, I’ve often wondered how to play pickleball at night. My curiosity was finally satisfied when I got the chance to play glow in the dark pickleball, a truly unique twist on the traditional game.

Together with my friends, all of us eager for a new challenge, we decided to bring a bit of nighttime magic to our usual pickleball matches. 

As someone stepping into the world of black light pickleball for the first time, I had a flurry of questions swirling in my mind. 

  • What kind of special equipment is needed? 
  • Can we convert any regular court for this nighttime adventure? 
  • How do you even keep track of the ball and your equipment in such low light? 
  • And importantly, how do you go about organizing a glow in the dark pickleball event?

There are many questions you have in mind all of these are covered in this guide. These questions and more led me on an exciting journey of discovery. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into how to play glow in the dark Pickleball, from the basics of gameplay to setting up your very own glow-in-the-dark court. 

Let’s illuminate the path to a fantastic, glowing pickleball experience.

Table of Contents

What is Glow in the Dark Pickleball?

a group of glow in the dark pickleball players with paddles and balls in hand

Glow-in-the-dark pickleball, often referred to as blacklight pickleball, is a unique variation of the traditional pickleball game that can be played at night or in a darkened environment. This version is typically illuminated by black lights, creating an engaging and visually stimulating experience. Despite the distinctive setting, glow-in-the-dark pickleball follows the same standard rules as regular pickleball. 

In this version of the pickleball game, players don bright or white clothing, which, under the black lights, glows vibrantly. 

The equipment, including pickleballs and paddles, is either inherently glow-in-the-dark or specially designed to react to the black light, creating a dynamic and visually striking game environment. Additionally, the court lines are illuminated to ensure visibility and safety during play.

glowing pickleball is particularly popular for socializing, parties, and tournaments within pickleball clubs or leagues. It transforms the game into a festive and exhilarating activity, ideal for summer nights or any evening get-together.

While many people think pickleball should be banned or pickleball sucks,

Playing pickleball in this glowing setup offers a new dimension to the game. It challenges players to rely more on their reflexes and adapt to the altered visual conditions. The glowing elements make tracking the ball and movement more thrilling, adding a bit of magic to every strike and volley.

How to Play Glow-in-the-Dark Pickleball

players playing glow in the dark pickleball

To play Luminous Pickleball, use a dark space with black lights for a glowing effect. Wear bright or white clothes for visibility. Use glow in the dark balls and paddles, and mark the court with glowing tape. Follow regular pickleball rules for a fun, neon-lit game experience.

It’s All About the Light

First things first, you need a dark space. Whether it’s at night outside or in a dark room, make sure it’s safe and there’s enough room to move around. The magic happens when you turn on the black lights. These special lights make everything glow, turning your regular game into an awesome, neon experience.

Dress to Impress and Glow

Wear bright or white clothes. Why? Because under the black lights, you’ll light up like a star! It’s not just for fun; it helps you see other players on the court, too.

The Right Gear

Regular pickleball gear won’t do. You need balls and paddles that are made to glow in the dark. This way, you can easily spot them while playing. Some gear needs a little light to start glowing, while others might work better with the black lights.

Seeing the Court

The court lines are super important. You have to see where you’re playing. Use glow-in-the-dark tape to mark the lines. This way, they’ll stand out, and you won’t lose track of the boundaries.

Playing the Game

Now, play pickleball like you normally would. Serve, volley, and score, but with an extra dash of excitement. The glowing ball zipping back and forth adds a whole new level of fun.

Advice: Remember, safety first! Make sure there’s nothing around you could trip over. Playing in the dark is cool, but you want to be careful, too.

Where Can You Play Glow In The Dark Pickleball?

collage of different places to play glowing pickleball

If you’re looking to play pickleball in the dark, any outdoor or indoor court will work. As an avid pickleball player, I’m often asked where people can play glow-in-the-dark pickleball. 

This unique version of the game is played on every normal pickleball court with glow-in-the-dark lines and often with paddles and balls that also glow. It creates a one-of-a-kind experience under the lights.

Many pickleball facilities now offer glow pickleball a few nights a week to change things up. Check with your local courts – both indoor and outdoor ones – to see if they have lighting and glow equipment for special events. 

I’ve also seen it offered at night tournaments and festivals to showcase the game. Summer camps or recreation centers with courts may also have it if you ask. It’s growing in popularity, so keep an eye out for pop-up glow pickleball happening near you. With the right gear and setting, it transforms the game into something magical you have to experience.

What You Need to Play Glow In The Dark Pickleball

glow in the dark pickleball equipment

When I first decided to play Fluorescent Pickleball, I quickly realized it was all about the right gear. To get you started on this luminous adventure, here’s a list of essential equipment you’ll need:

  • White or bright neon clothes
  • Blacklight UV cannon (can be rented from a party supply store)
  • Neon or LED pickleballs
  • High-quality fluorescent neon tape
  • LED Pickleball paddles

White or Bright Neon Clothes

This is a must-have for any glow-in-the-dark game. Your regular sportswear won’t cut it here. Go for white or neon-colored clothes that will pop under the black lights. It’s not just fashionable, it’s practical, too, helping you and others see each other during the game.

Black Light UV Cannon

This is what brings the ‘glow’ in glow-in-the-dark pickleball. You can find these UV cannons at party supply stores or online. Sometimes, they are available for rent, too. They’re easy to set up and make a huge difference. Trust me, the moment those black lights come on, the whole game changes!

Neon or LED Pickleballs

Regular pickleballs won’t be visible in the dark, so you’ll need special glow-in-the-dark balls. These are usually neon-colored or LED-infused, ensuring they’re bright and easy to spot during play. I remember the first time I saw these glowing balls flying across the net – it was like something out of a sci-fi movie!

High-Quality Fluorescent Neon Tape

You’ll need this to mark your court boundaries. The tape should be fluorescent or neon so that it stands out under the black light. This tape is crucial for keeping track of the court’s lines and ensuring safe play.

LED Pickleball Paddles

To complete your Fluorescent Pickleball setup, invest in some LED pickleball paddles. These specially designed paddles will not only help you see your equipment better but also add an extra cool factor to your game.

Setting Up Your Glow Pickleball Game

players setting up glowing pickleball

Setting up a glowing pickleball game can feel like you’re prepping for a party – and in a way, you are! Here’s how to get your court glowing and ready for some fun.

Blacklights: How Many Do You Need?

The number of blacklights you’ll need depends on the size of your court. Generally, for a standard pickleball court, you’ll want at least two to four blacklights to ensure the entire area is lit up evenly. Remember, the goal is to have no dark spots where visibility is compromised.

Choosing the Right Pickleballs

Not all glow in the dark pickleballs are created equal. Some are brighter than others, and some might need direct light to charge up. Experiment with a few types to see which ones work best with your setup. LED-infused balls are often a good choice as they provide consistent brightness.

Glow Tape: How Much Do You Need?

You’ll use the glow tape to mark the court boundaries. Measure your court to determine the length of the tape needed. It’s always better to have a little extra than to run short. Ensure the tape is thick enough to be visible from all angles of the court.

Blacklight Placement: Lighting Up the Court

The placement of your blacklights is crucial. Ideally, they should be positioned high enough to cover the entire court without any obstructions. Corners are usually a good spot, as they allow the light to spread evenly across the court. Avoid placing them too low, as they might blind the players.

Mounting Blacklights Safely

Safety is key when mounting blacklights. If they’re portable stands, make sure they’re stable and out of the way to prevent any trip hazards. If you’re mounting them to a structure, ensure they’re securely fastened, and the wires are safely out of the way. Always check that the setup is safe and secure before starting your game.

Who Invented Glow In The Dark Pickleball?

corky newcomb appearances
Image source knowatom

The innovative mind behind glow in the dark pickleball is Corky Newcomb, a New Hampshire-based inventor also known for creating glow-in-the-dark golf balls and footballs. The idea was sparked by Billy McGehee, a former tennis pro and pickleball enthusiast, who suggested the concept of a night-time playable pickleball.

Newcomb dedicated 2021 to developing this unique pickleball, successfully launching it in 2022. His creation uses a chemiluminescent light stick, inserted through the ball, to illuminate it, revolutionizing the game by allowing play at night without the need for court lights. This invention has significantly enhanced the accessibility and enjoyment of pickleball for players of all ages.

Why Play Glow in the Dark Pickleball?

why play dark pickleball

Have you ever wondered why glowing pickleball has caught the fancy of so many players? Well, it’s not just about playing the game; it’s about the unique experience it offers. Playing pickleball in a glow-in-the-dark setting brings a whole new level of excitement and fun that you can’t get in the daytime.

First off, the visual spectacle is mesmerizing. Imagine the court coming alive with glowing lines, balls, and paddles, creating an almost surreal, vibrant atmosphere. It’s not just a game anymore; it’s an event. This visually stunning setup is a massive draw, especially for those who love a bit of flair in their sports.

Then there’s the convenience factor. No more being restricted by the setting sun. With glowing pickleball, nighttime becomes your new playtime. This means more flexibility in scheduling games and the opportunity to enjoy cooler evening temperatures, which is a blessing during hot summer months.

Finally, it’s about the community and social aspect. Glow pickleball events tend to be more than just competitive sports; they’re social gatherings, bringing people together for a fun and active night out. It’s an excellent way for friends and family to bond and for communities to come together in a lively, enjoyable setting.

How To Make a Glow in the Dark Pickleball Court

making glow in the dark pickleball court

Setting up a Bright Pickleball court is easier than you might think, and it’s a surefire way to bring an extra dose of excitement to your game. Here’s how to get your court ready for some after-dark action.

Choosing the Right Location

First, find a flat, open area like a driveway, backyard, or an existing pickleball court. The key is to have enough space and a smooth surface to ensure safe play. If you’re indoors, a gym or large hall will work perfectly.

Lighting Up the Court

The most crucial element of a glow-in-the-dark court is the lighting. Black lights or UV cannons are your go-to here. Position them around the court to ensure even lighting, with no dark spots. For an outdoor court, you can mount the lights on poles or nearby trees. Indoors, attaching them to walls or the ceiling is a good option.

Marking the Court

Use high-quality fluorescent neon tape to outline the court boundaries. This tape will glow under the black lights, making it easy to see the lines during play. Ensure the tape is durable and sticks well to the surface to avoid any tripping hazards.


As we wrap up this guide on how to play glow in the dark pickleball, it’s clear that this vibrant twist on a classic game is more than just a novelty; it’s a new frontier in recreational sports. By combining the standard rules of pickleball with the exciting element of playing in the dark, glow in the dark pickleball offers a unique and thrilling experience that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels.

Whether you’re setting up a court in your backyard, joining a community event, or just playing for fun with friends, this version of pickleball promises not only a great physical workout but also an unforgettable visual spectacle. The ease of setting up a court and the joy of playing under the stars make it an accessible and enjoyable activity for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can glow-in-the-dark pickleball be played indoors and outdoors?

Yes, glow-in-the-dark pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor courts require portable black lights, while indoor courts use existing lighting fixtures.

What are the rules for playing pickleball in the dark?

The rules for playing pickleball in the dark are the same as regular pickleball, with the main difference being the use of glow-in-the-dark equipment for visibility.

Where can I find glow-in-the-dark pickleball events and tournaments?

Glow-in-the-dark pickleball events and tournaments can often be found at local sports clubs, community centers, and pickleball organizations’ event calendars.

How is glow-in-the-dark pickleball different from regular pickleball?

Glow-in-the-dark pickleball differs from regular pickleball in its use of black lights and glowing equipment, offering a unique visual experience and night-time play.

What safety precautions should be taken when playing pickleball at night?

Safety precautions for night-time pickleball include using well-lit courts, wearing visible clothing, ensuring the playing area is clear of hazards, and using glow-in-the-dark gear.”



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