Our Mission

My name is Ethan Smith and I’m the founder of Pick Paddle Hub. I started playing pickleball in March 2022 and instantly fell in love with the sport. As a beginner, I found it difficult to find quality information and gear recommendations specific to pickleball so I decided to create this site – a hub for everything pickleball related.

I still consider myself an intermediate player but over the past year, I’ve improved my game tremendously thanks to getting more time on the court and implementing tips from experienced players.

Some things that have helped me step up my pickleball game

  • Taking lessons from a former pro player to improve technique
  • Joining competitive ladder leagues and tournament play
  • Investing in better, more responsive paddles and shoes
  • Drilling specific shots like the third-shot drop, dinks, and serves

In building Pick Paddle Hub, I want to share what I’ve learned as a mid-level player to help other recreational players advance their skills.

My Vision for Pick Paddle Hub

My goal is for Pick Paddle Hub to be the #1 online resource for recreational and advancing amateur pickleball players like myself. Here’s what you can expect to find:

Pickleball paddle reviews 

I extensively test paddles from various brands to determine key performance factors like power, control, touch, and durability. My reviews focus on how different paddles perform for average/intermediate players.

Gear guides

From balls and shoes to bags, apparel and accessories, I research and evaluate the latest pickleball equipment to uncover top products for every budget.

Tips & instruction 

Through first-hand experience and interviews with accomplished players and coaches, I share strategy advice, drill concepts, and tips to quickly improve different strokes, positioning, game situations and more.

My vision is to help novice players improve faster while making sure more advanced players get even more enjoyment out of this great sport! Please browse the site and reach out if you have any suggestions for new topics or ways I can better serve the pickleball community.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to improve your game, I hope you enjoy Pick Paddle Hub as much as I enjoy creating it. Never hesitate to contact me to talk or play pickleball.

Note: Although I don’t play pickleball full-time, I’m an avid player who enjoys getting on the court 3-4 times per week. I also love learning more about this rapidly growing sport. As I share pickleball content and insights with other enthusiasts, I aim to provide accurate and helpful information.

The articles I write are fact-checked by experienced pickleball players to ensure quality. If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the content I provide, please feel free to contact me. I welcome pickleball players’ input to enrich the discussion around techniques, gear, rules, and more.

Happy playing!

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